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Compatible Canon (6447B001) CLI551GYXL Grey Ink Cartridge

Compatible Canon (6447B001) CLI551GYXL  Grey Ink Cartridge
Compatible Canon (6447B001) CLI551GYXL Grey Ink Cartridge

Order our Grey 551GYXL compatible Canon ink cartridge's today for your Canon printer. To allow you to maintain they high quality prints you desire at a small cost.

Grey 6447B001 compatible Canon 551GYXL ink cartridge will work in the following printers.

Canon Pixma MX925, Canon Pixma MG6350, Canon Pixma MG5450, Canon Pixma IP7250.

Product Specification
Manufacturer Part No:6447B001, CL-551GYXL, CL551GYXL, CL551XL
Cartridge Capacity:12ml
Product Type:Compatible Ink Cartridge Canon
Page Yield:Approximately 280 pages based on 5% A4 page coverage

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