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Most Common Questions Regarding Compatible Ink:

What is a compatible ink cartridge?

The compatible is a generic ink cartridge designed to work with your printer, but it has not been created by the printer manufacturer. 

Will compatible ink cartridges break my printer?

No our compatible ink cartridges will not harm your printer in any way providing you install them correctly and have the correct cartridge for your model of printer.

Will the compatible ink cartridges print as well as the genuine inks?

Yes and in some cases they can provide a better print as most compatible ink cartridges have Dye based ink. Dye based ink produces finer detail and colour on prints due to it not being as thick as pigment ink.

Will the cartridge ink levels show?

Yes all our compatible ink cartridges have the latest chips to provide the printer with all the information it requires.

What is a re-manufactured ink cartridge?

If you have a re-manufactured or recycled cartridge it is a used cartridge that has been refurbished and refilled professionally. Refurbished cartridges are mostly common on 2 cartridge printers that have a tri colour ink cartridge and a black.

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